Underlay for 4m carpet


This product comes in 4m.
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AST Underlay

Here are all of our PU underlays! We stock a range to fit every budget! When deciding which underlay to go for the quality is in the density. Many people opt for the biggest overall thickness however a thinner underlay with a higher density will be much more durable. Take a look through our specifications and decide which is best for you! If you’re ever in doubt just give our staff a call and they’ll happily advise you on what’s best for your job. All our underlays are flame retardant and meet British standards.

Green Step:

Our cheapest entry level product, not the most durable underlay but is guaranteed to extend the life of your carpet. Great for getting underlay on a tight budget!

  • Density= 85Kg/m3
  • Thickness= 8mm
  • Tog= 2.13

Perfect Living:

A general domestic quality underlay, slightly thicker and more insulating than green step.

  • Density= 100Kg/m3
  • Thickness= 9mm
  • Tog= 2.65

Deep Step:

Our thickest underlay. Provides the most plush feel underfoot. Best heat/sound insulation. Suitable for general domestic use.

  • Density= 125Kg/m3
  • Thickness= 11mm
  • Tog= 2.78

Extra Step:

Suitable for heavy contract use. Compatible with underfloor heating. Good sound insulation.

  • Density= 180Kg/m3
  • Thickness= 6mm
  • Tog= 1.5

Ultra Step:

A luxury domestic quality underlay, excellent sound and heat insulation. Has a highly durable combination of high density with a medium overall thickness.

    • Density= 180Kg/m3
    • Thickness= 9mm
    • Tog= 2.51



Green Step, Perfect Living, Deep Step, Extra Step, UItra Step


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