Please note: Customers are cordially advised that the costs of uplifting and removal of old floor covering(s), the moving of kitchen appliances, the adjustment or cutting of doors to facilitate the fitting of new floor coverings is not included in the above unless specified.

Furniture: we ask that you remove any vulnerable or valuable items and equipment from the areas our fitters are to work. Whlist care is taken we will not be held responcible for damages or breakages of items left in rooms or access areas or for futniture that you require out fitters to move.

Pipes and cables: Care is taken to avoid any pipes & cables. If they are installed in accordance with building regulations they will be beyond the depth of our fixings and will not present a problem. Please advise us if you know if any pipes or cables are close to the surface and we will do our utmost to avoid them.

We will not accept responsibility for any damage unless you have specifically given details to our fitter, before work commences.

Decorations: Care is taken with decorations; however walls & skirting boards are vulnerable during the installation of flooring. We especially ask that new paintwork is fully dried hard which can take up to 2 weeks. Any long curtains or blinds should be removed to avoid damage.

The company reserves the right to charge a restocking fee on confirmed and subsequently cancelled orders.